About Fleur-de-Lise

Fleur-de-Lise is a home-based floral design studio that specializes in wedding and events (bouquets,  décor pieces and flowers to wear) in the St. Albert and Edmonton area. Fleur-de-Lise designs look high end, but the service is down to earth.

About Lisa Alary

Born and raised in southern Alberta, Lisa is the owner-designer of Fleur-de-Lise and a nationally accredited floral artist. Art and design has been a lifelong passion for Lisa, who studied printmaking at the Alberta College of Art + Design and earned a bachelor of fine arts in 1999.

Floral Introduction

After four years of slinging ink in a basement printmaking studio, Lisa felt it was time for a breath of fresh air. She enrolled in a floral design course at Mount Royal University and didn’t look back. Flowers became her muse and artistic medium of choice over a career that has spanned 17 years and counting in just about every industry role imaginable.

Fleur-de-Lise is born

In 2016, Lisa again felt the pull to try something new and launched Fleur-de-Lise, a St. Albert-based design studio that specializes in inspired fresh floral design for weddings, personal and corporate events. That same year, she was also inducted into the Canadian Academy of Floral Art.

Lisa considers herself a bit of a “design chameleon,” drawing on a number of different design styles. Much like the artists she’s studied and admired, Lisa enjoys turning convention on its ear—in a tasteful and beautiful way. When she isn’t thinking about flowers—which isn’t often—she’s probably spending time with her husband and their five-year-old son. But she’s probably thinking about flowers.

Lisa Alary, BFA, CAFA

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